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LT_headshotLaurie Tarkan
Trained as a journalist, I have covered health and medicine since my first job in the health department of Self magazine. I contribute regularly to the New York Times Science Times, and have written for almost all of the national health and women’s magazines including Glamour, Self, Mademoiselle, Health, Prevention, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Viv and Parents. I have also been an editor for McCall’s, Ladies’ Home Journal and am a contributing editor at Fit Pregnancy.

After writing an article on women whose mothers have breast cancer for McCall’s magazine, I developed the topic into a book, My Mother’s Breast: Daughters Face Their Mothers’ Cancer. I went on to co-author two more health books and a pregnancy journal. Dr. Mehmet Oz praised my most recent book, Perfect Hormone Balance for Fertility, as “an insightful, encouraging, and provocative toolbox for couples seeking fertility.”

I write short news blogs and longer slide shows for the web, and recently wrote news stories and blogs for Autism Speaks, a research and advocacy organization. I have helped doctors with the content of their websites, and have volunteered to write and blog for various non-profit organizations.

My work is consistently praised for my thorough and balanced reporting and clear writing. I prefer articles that help the underdog, in this case, the health consumer or patient.

Laurie’s Health Blog

Welcome to my health blog, a running log of my published articles, blog posts, and my thoughts on all things health. This will be a compilation of quick newsy posts I write for iVillage Parenting and iVillage Health as well as longer feature articles for the New York Times and magazines like Prevention, Health, Parenting, Fit Pregnancy and the web magazine ViV. I’ve been a health reporter for nearly two decades, and got my start at Self magazine as an editorial assistant. I’ve written about health, diet, nutrition, fitness and mental health, but my favorite types of articles are those that have a consumer edge to them, articles that help keep health consumers informed so that they can make the best health care decisions for themselves. Thanks for your support!


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